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Diamond Appraisals: 

Diamond appraisers are trained to appraise diamonds in order to determine the overall value of a specific diamond type. It is important to know the value of a diamond in case you wish to sell the diamond on the open market at some time in the future.


A diamond appraiser has special tools which can help him or her to see any flaws or irregularities deep within the diamond. Many times flaws can be found in diamonds that are not clearly visible by simply looking at the diamond. Of course, any flaws or irregularities will in fact cause the value of the diamond to depreciate.


Diamonds are made with different cuts, shapes and weight. The price of a diamond is determined by a variety of factors. First, some diamonds are simply worth more because of the type. For example, a pink diamond is quite rare and will certainly be priced much higher in comparison to a yellow diamond.


A blue diamond is also more rare and much more expensive than a standard yellow diamond. Therefore, the value of a diamond can be determined by overall weight, carat size, diamond type and if the diamond has any major flaws or defects. It is important to keep in mind, only a professional diamond appraiser will be able to locate any major flaws or defects within the structure of the diamond.


Once a diamond appraiser does a complete appraisal of a diamond, he or she will come up with a price or dollar amount of what the diamond is worth. It is also important to keep in mind that the value of any diamond is influenced or affected by market value at that particular time. The diamond market can fluctuate similar to the gold market.


Fluctuation in diamond prices may not be as dramatic as gold but the market can change. In addition, if a particular diamond has a known history behind it, then of course the diamond will be worth more money on the diamond market.


For example, the Krump diamond has a history and story that goes with the diamond. An interesting history and story will certainly increase the value of a diamond. In addition, a diamond that is passed down from a well known person will certainly have greater value.


If you had a diamond appraised that was once worn by a famous Queen or Princess, by all means the diamond will always have a higher value in comparison to other diamonds.


If you plan to sell or purchase a diamond, it is always a good idea to have the diamond appraised beforehand. This is particularity important especially if you plan to spend a great deal of money on a new diamond purchase.


Some people may elect to have more than one diamond appraisal. Therefore, more than one appraisal will give you a more precise idea of exactly how much the diamond is worth. If a diamond was appraised twice by different appraisers the estimated value of the two appraisals would probably be quite similar if not identical.


It is a wise decision to choose a Certified gemologist when having a diamond appraised. A certified gemologist is best qualified to give the customer an honest appraisal and fair and accurate price.


A certified gemologist will many times use a diamond segregator when performing a complete diamond appraisal. A diamond segregator is a device which will help the gemologist distinguish between a synthetic and real diamond. There are many diamond copies that are fake. Therefore, this useful device will help the gemologist make an accurate determination between a real and fake diamond.


A Diamond-Nite Dual tester tool may also be used by a professional to determine the authenticity of a diamond. This device will tell the person within about 30 seconds if the diamond is the real thing or imitation. Sometimes Cubic Zarconia is substituted for a real diamond. A Diamond-Nite Dual tester will identify a real diamond fairly quickly.


A millimeter gauge can also be used by a gemologist to measure the overall dimensions and thickness of a diamond. This is another useful tool used during the appraisal process.


Colorless diamonds are graded using a specific scale. Diamonds without color fall into several categories. Diamond categories include colorless, near colorless, faint yellow, very light yellow.


A flawless diamond is a diamond that has no blemishes. A determination that a diamond is flawless can only be made by a professional after an intensive examination of a diamond. Sometimes a gem identification is done in a laboratory to determine that a diamond is in fact flawless.


Diamond appraisals are quite important in determining the value of a particular diamond. When a diamond is re sold many times the value will decrease depending upon the type of diamond. However, very rare diamonds normally retain their value and status no matter how many times the diamond is bought and re sold.


Make certain you choose a certified professional if you plan to have a diamond appraised. Receive at least two different appraisals before making a final decision to sell or purchase a diamond. More than two appraisals are not necessary and could end up just being a waste of time and money.


Bring any certificate which certifies the authenticity of the diamond especially if you are looking to sell the diamond. Diamonds almost always come with a certificate when you make the initial purchase. Make certain you keep any and all certificates in a safe and secure place.


Imperfection is a term used to describe a diamond that was examined and does have flaws or imperfections. Of course, diamonds with imperfections are worth less money. The majority of diamonds do many times have very small irregularities. Many times these irregularities do not affect the value to a significant degree.


There are several on line resources that can give you excellent information on diamond appraisals. In addition, you can easily obtain information on certified gemologists within your immediate or surrounding area. Doing some basic research of your own can be quite useful. Click on diamond appraisals for more details.

  Diamond Appraisals
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